Canadian Abstract Artist and Digital Illustrator



Rina Kazavchinski has honed her artistic skills as a successful Canadian abstract artist and digital illustrator specializing in vibrant abstract pieces and digital illustrations. She creates textured abstract paintings that brighten up any space. Her paintings are unique and can be recognized anywhere. Using bold texture and special palette knife techniques, she is mostly inspired by nature and mental health. She also specializes in body-positive illustrations highlighting the human form.

Her artistic career has blossomed within the last several years in the North American art scene. Rina has exhibited her work at several in-person and online Art shows. Rina has sold over two hundred original paintings and hundreds of digital illustrations. The highlight of her artistic career so far was when she was given the chance to exhibit her work at the One of A Kind Show last spring, one of Canada’s largest arts and craft shows.  You can catch her in person at the upcoming Winter One of A Kind Show taking place from Nov 29 - Dec 4th in downtown Toronto!


I create Art because it takes me away from my everyday life. It lets me focus on the task at hand and brings me into a meditative state. When I'm creating art, time stops and all my worries and anxieties disappear. Creating brings me joy and I find relief in this practice mentally and spiritually. I am also very fascinated by the ability to create something that has never been created before and that's what makes original art so original. It can never be replicated again and that is so beautiful! 


I find my inspiration through everyday life and mostly through my own emotions and what I am going through at the time. I use art to express myself and I am inspired by all the joys and sadness that life can bring. I am also very passionate about meditation and I find myself getting most inspired after a meditation session. I feel calmer and at ease and able to think more clearly.


I love bright and vibrant colours. I also enjoy painting with a lot of heavy texture to create art you can actually touch. All my paintings start and end with the palette knife. My art is about connecting with people. I am an extremely emotive painter and illustrator who feels most inspired when I am going through something, whether they are positive or negative emotions. I use art to express myself and as a way to release those emotions. Lastly, I am inspired by the fact that I can create these pieces that will outlive my lifetime and inspire and heal others through my creations. 

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