Canadian Abstract Artist and Digital Illustrator



Rina Kazavchinski, an emerging Canadian abstract artist, has finely honed her craft in the realm of vibrant abstract pieces. Her creations, characterized by bold textures and distinctive palette knife techniques, breathe life into any space they adorn. Nature, mental health and queer identities serve as her primary muses, infusing her work with profound inspiration.

Her art carries a unique signature, instantly recognizable anywhere. With a rich portfolio, she has participated in numerous in-person and online art exhibitions. Notably, Rina showcased her talent at prestigious events, including the One of a Kind Show in Toronto, her largest exhibition to date.


Art is my escape from the ordinary, a sanctuary where I immerse myself in the present moment. Through this process, I enter a state of meditation, where time fades away and my worries dissolve. Creating art is my source of joy, offering mental and spiritual solace. Moreover, I'm captivated by the uniqueness of each creation, the thrill of crafting something entirely original. The beauty lies in its singular existence, an irreplaceable essence that resonates deeply with me. 


My muse is found in the everyday, particularly in my own emotions and experiences. Art is my chosen medium of expression, a canvas where I portray the myriad emotions life offers. I draw inspiration from the full spectrum of joy and sorrow life presents. Meditation is another cornerstone of my creative process. After a session, I feel a profound sense of calm and clarity, which often sparks my deepest inspirations.


I have a deep affection for vivid and lively hues. My artistic process involves applying thick textures to my paintings, inviting viewers to engage with them tactically. Employing solely palette knives, I embark on a journey of connection through my art. As an intensely emotive painter and illustrator, my muse is often found in the highs and lows of life. Through my creations, I find solace in expressing and releasing these emotions. Moreover, I find profound inspiration in the notion that my art can endure beyond my years, serving as a source of inspiration and healing for others.

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