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"The Girl Next Door" - Original Acrylic Painting

"The Girl Next Door" - Original Acrylic Painting

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"The Girl Next Door"- Original Acrylic Painting on Stretched Canvas by Rina Kazavchinski

When your thoughts consume you. This painting is about that girl next door. You see her every day but you don't know anything about her and what she's actually going through. I Love painting these type of faces! The colors are very vibrant and there is a lot of intricate texture. You can really see and feel every stroke..

You will love it!

- Premium-quality canvas
- Finished edges, looks great on the wall without a frame
- Sturdy canvas prevents stretching and sagging
- UV light protection prevents fading and cracking
- Heavy texture using palette knife and special tools. Can be displayed vertically or horizontally.


Own a handmade and original piece of art work you will have forever!Artwork is for personal use only and cannot be reproduced, shared or resold without the permission of the artist.

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