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"The First Pride Was A Riot" - Original Acrylic Painting - Pride Queer Art

"The First Pride Was A Riot" - Original Acrylic Painting - Pride Queer Art

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"The First Pride Was A Riot"

  • Acrylic on Canvas
  • Custom Sizes available!
  • Beautiful vibrant colors to brighten up any place
  • Heavy texture!

Pride was a little difference this year, but doesn't mean you can't own a beautiful painting to celebrate pride your own way in your house forever! This is a beautiful textured piece that will really be the focal part of any home. Enjoy and Happy Pride!
#Loveislove <3

*please note the painting is not to scale in first pic*


**This exact painting has been already sold some time ago and located in a private collection. This will be a made to order painting. Painting will be recreated. By purchasing this listing you commission a very similar painting based on this piece made by me previously. Most of my art is made by Palette-Knife.

The painting will have the same size, colors, same characteristics, composition and the same gallery value. Similar painting does not mean an identical copy. There are no two paintings that are alike. Each brush stroke is final and can never be repeated the same way. Each stroke of the brush has its own unique texture and shape just like a fingerprint. My style is very unique and cannot be repeated by other artists. It can be very easily recognized.

You will love it!

- Finished edges, looks great on the wall without a frame
- Sturdy canvas prevents stretching and sagging
- UV light protection prevents fading and cracking
- Heavy texture using palette knife and special tools.
- Can be displayed vertically or horizontally.

Own a handmade and original piece of art work you will have forever! Artwork is for personal use only and cannot be reproduced, shared or resold without the permission of the artist.

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